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We’re in Shanghai on holiday for the next few days. It’s a fun and vibrant city with lots of beautiful things to see.  I love wandering the streets gathering inspiration and seeing the world around me. Posts might be less frequent for a while. It just means I’m saving up for later. Advertisements

The abstracted form of the anatomy are both stylistic and purposeful. They provide a distance from the actuality of the subject matter.  I also really enjoy functional mark-making separated from meaning. Foreign language is naturally that for me.   Note: some other illustrations are more graphic and kind of spooky.

I spotted this geometric portrait done in marker at the Primary School today. I love it’s simplicity, color and graphic quality. I’m always impressed by the unique approaches of students. More on that topic to come.

For those underwhelmed by the previous selection of Jandek’s album covers or for those who were adequately “whelmed” but are interested in more, here is a site that does a great job of documenting very thoughtful and creative album packages.  Just a few of the ones that immediately caught my eye. The site has plenty […]

Here is the inspiration. These are a common traditional-style thermos for keeping hot water. I really like the floral as it is created in such a rough method of stencils and spray paint. I thought it would be fun to recreate the process much larger to really appreciate it. I was right. Here is the […]

The later albums of Jandek often continued along the same lines of simple, often blurry photos of himself and his surroundings. However, we also have some variation of photos taken during his travels.  The recordings of his live shows also follow a format, though different than the other albums. The titles are simply the name […]

You know it’s an interesting day when you wake up in the morning and Jandek comes to mind. Jandek is, suffice it to say, an unusual and unique musician with quite a following.  His cover art could be either indicate a lack of thought or a very different perspective and concept of presenting images.  Upon […]