Chinese Floral Spray Paint


Here is the inspiration. These are a common traditional-style thermos for keeping hot water. I really like the floral as it is created in such a rough method of stencils and spray paint. I thought it would be fun to recreate the process much larger to really appreciate it. I was right.

Here is the finished work.

First, a small stencil set on scrap wood with the original for scale:

On canvas:

On white paper:

On brown paper:

On large plywood with original object for scale:

Now, time to make more big flower stencils.

8 Responses to “Chinese Floral Spray Paint”

  1. 1 Amarilys

    Who but Wesley would think to do this? Hats off. Looks like a lot of work.
    Oh and don’t put those thermoses in the microwave.

  2. 2 Justin

    wham BAM.

  3. 3 Grace

    How cool! Looks great.

  4. 4 wong Grace

    excellent!!!!!!! would you please share with me how to paint it?

  5. Hi 🙂 I bought a similar thermos in Tibet years ago and have been looking for places that sell them ever since. Do you mind telling me where you bought this? Thanks!

    • Hi Meryl,
      This is actually a friend’s thermos she bought at a shop here in Hong Kong. They sell them all over the city. I would think that they would be much harder to find outside of Asia. Thanks for looking!

  6. 7 jen

    can anyone tell me what the big pink flower is? thanks (and Meryl- have you tried ebay?)

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