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I had the opportunity to attend the Hong Kong Art Fair last week.  It was great spending time around so much artwork. It’s impossible to avoid interesting conversations with that much catalyst around you. One of my favorite photographers was quite well represented there. Particularly his Theatre Series. So, here are some examples.  Below is […]

Today, my artist inspiration is Clyfford Still. I appreciate his work for the combination of distinctive shapes resembling torn paper, the variety and depth in his color-fields and the unusual compositions.

12 different images of Robert Rauschenberg’s 1953 “Erased De Kooning Drawing”. Using Google Image Search to demonstrate the subjectivity of aesthetic perception. Artist Robert Rauschenberg enjoyed his friend, Willem De Kooning’s work and once asked if he could have one of his drawings to erase. The result became an important piece of conceptual art.

While visiting our school’s Beijing campus, I spotted a couple nice examples of kindergarten art. The circle painting makes me think of controlled and methodical exploration of color. The other reminds me of Helen Frankenthaler. I’ll say it again. I love children’s artwork.

Now, for the red and gold series.

We just arrived back in Hong Kong from a couple weeks in Beijing. As you might know, the access to certain sites (or reliable internet) is often difficult in the mainland.  So, I’m now preparing a few updates to get back on schedule. To begin, here are a few pictures of Nanluoguxiang. An excerpt from […]