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scrap table


  We’re traveling again and, let me say, sitting on an airplane for 30 hours make one not want to do any more sitting for any reason (like updating a blog).   I’ve been looking at a lot of furniture lately and this is one particular piece that really caught my eye. The modernist shape […]

I forgot to put the link to the entire flickr set. It takes quite a while to really look at all of the photos (hence the months of perusing). So, here are a few more of my favorites and the link.

Over the last several months, I’ve been periodically looking at this beautiful collection of photographs from the Library of Congress.  I absolutely love tho colors in these not to mention the immensely interesting subject matter. As you know, color photographs from this era are very rare.  From the Library of Congress,  “These vivid color photos […]

I’ve been seeing more of this artist lately.  His paintings give me the sense of magazine fashion spreads with bright colors and expressive shapes. But, my favorite part about them is the obscuring of figure and face. Taking the always-familiar elements of face and colorfully obscuring them widens the expressive interpretation of the paintings. here […]



I really enjoy finding beautiful pottery. The only souvenirs I really enjoy are scavenged rocks, found paper and nice pottery. The website of Matt Hoogland is very outdated but shows some beautiful work.  He is obviously skilled in areas of pit-firing, raku and sawdust-firing.  These are all of great interest to me.  These are examples […]

Tonight is the exhibition of the Artists-In_Residence personal work.  It’s the first time I’ve had my recent work on public display. So, it’s a bit exciting.  If you’re in Hong Kong, you should definitely stop by. If you can’t make the reception, the exhibition will still be up for a while. Let me know if […]