Color Photographs from 1930s & 1940s continued


I forgot to put the link to the entire flickr set. It takes quite a while to really look at all of the photos (hence the months of perusing). So, here are a few more of my favorites and the link.

2 Responses to “Color Photographs from 1930s & 1940s continued”

  1. Cool. I find it annoying when old black and white movies get colorized, but these are really interesting. Sometimes seeing things in graytone make them seem so distant or alien, like they’re hard to relate to. Seeing these in color makes me think that they could’ve been taken yesterday.

  2. There are times when the colorized films appeal to me. It depends on the intentionality and how it impacts the composition,etc. I totally agree with the greyscale seeming distant. The picture of the two mechanics with the dark background really gives me that sense that these are real people as opposed to theoretical characters in history.

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