Living Architecture UK


We’re finally back from a wonderful vacation. It was great to have some time away and with friends and family. We went swimming a lot and really enjoyed the lakes around us.  Something I found of inspiration during our stay away was, in fact, a vacation rental in the UK.  It’s called The Dune House and is in Thorpeness in Suffolk.  It’s a  small village on the east coast.  No, I’ve never been there.  The house is produced by a group called Living Architecture.  There goal is to “revolutionise both architecture and UK holiday rentals”. (For those of you who are American spellcheckers, yes they spell it with an “s”).  The house is designed by Jarmund/Vigsnæs Architects from Norway.

What I like most about this house is its reference and abstraction of the region’s local seaside style. It maintains a comfortable and country feel though it is undeniably modern. What I like least about the house is the interior design. I enjoy the shapes of the rooms, the placement of windows and I especially like the mid-century style corner fireplace.  But, I would definitely like to see different fabrics, rugs, furniture, pillows, tiles, etc.  Then again, it’s not my house and I don’t see myself renting it anytime soon. So, let’s get on with it.

Enjoy some pictures. To find out more information about the house and the other rentals offered by Living Architecture.


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