Dominic Stevens


To continue with the topic of architecture, here is one of my favorite houses. It is the home of architect Dominic Stevens from Dublin.  Two favorite subjects of mine are modernist design and self-sufficiency/ DIY.  This house demonstrates both.   Mr. Stevens talks about how he wants to have a home that requires an understanding of how it’s built and maintained. He intends to raise his children to understand the processes at work and cooperate with the flux of this particular house.  For example, when the wooden shingles are too aged, they are removed to become next year’s firewood.   He says that, if the house were abandoned, it would take about 10 years for it to have all but disappeared. What a thought.

While Dwell magazine often annoys me due to their narrow and often flashy/rich focus but, this one stood out as something very tangible and with more than a little bit of grit.


One Response to “Dominic Stevens”

  1. I love the exposed beams and the bathroom. We are adding onto our house and will be using more penny tile (in the bathroom)…love that vintage look. Simple and clean.

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