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homemade tonic


I like to make things. When I like something, I then want to know how to make it. Simple, right? I also really like studying the history of beverages. They are a nice and concise way at looking at the complicated and often convoluted development of culture. One of my favorites is root beer and […]

Finished another quick painting with some bright colors. It didn’t seem quite finished. A hit of white and pale blue spray paint did the trick.

monoprint time


I needed a break from the projects I’m focused on so, I made some monoprints with goauche.  Here they are.

12 different images of Robert Rauschenberg’s 1953 “Erased De Kooning Drawing”. Using Google Image Search to demonstrate the subjectivity of aesthetic perception. Artist Robert Rauschenberg enjoyed his friend, Willem De Kooning’s work and once asked if he could have one of his drawings to erase. The result became an important piece of conceptual art.

Here is the inspiration. These are a common traditional-style thermos for keeping hot water. I really like the floral as it is created in such a rough method of stencils and spray paint. I thought it would be fun to recreate the process much larger to really appreciate it. I was right. Here is the […]

Recently inspired by Kuba Raffia Embroidery.  The irregularity of the pattern is so appealing.

Taking it a little farther with the “folded paper” look.