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Stylin, Group Show

Time for another group show at LaBelle Salon.
So, if you’re in Hong Kong and want to see some of my new work (as well as some great stuff from other artists) stop by No1 Glenealy in Central.


Finished another quick painting with some bright colors. It didn’t seem quite finished. A hit of white and pale blue spray paint did the trick.

monoprint time


I needed a break from the projects I’m focused on so, I made some monoprints with goauche.  Here they are.

This one comes from a scrap of a real estate poster. The type seen plastered all over Hong Kong. They consist mainly of a large phone number and the advertisers are so thorough in their plastering every vacant spot of wall or storefront that they become a bizarre wallpaper of jumbled and partial numbers all […]

new painting


watercolor on paper. The next in the earlier series of watercolor paintings of pieces of paper found on the streets of Hong Kong. This one is a wrapper for little sweets. I find them rather often. 

Tonight is the exhibition of the Artists-In_Residence personal work.  It’s the first time I’ve had my recent work on public display. So, it’s a bit exciting.  If you’re in Hong Kong, you should definitely stop by. If you can’t make the reception, the exhibition will still be up for a while. Let me know if […]

Here is the inspiration. These are a common traditional-style thermos for keeping hot water. I really like the floral as it is created in such a rough method of stencils and spray paint. I thought it would be fun to recreate the process much larger to really appreciate it. I was right. Here is the […]