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Only two images today. Both of illustrations relating to electricity. The stylized look of the illustration and that same quality of the printing makes for some distinguished images. In the first image, check out the lake and the translucent layers! Also, the line-work trees overlapping the green color fields. Advertisements

As promised, here is another article about the Idea House built by the Walker Art Museum, in Minneapolis.  Not all of the photos are in color but I really love the ones that are. The offset printing of the era and the quality of the pigments/colors creates such a beautiful image.  Here, we see some […]

Idea House 1947


In 1947, the Walker Art Museum designed and built this example of the modern architecture of the day.  It was designed by William Friedman and Hilde Reiss, Walker staff members, and local architect Malcolm Lein.  It was part of the museum’s desire to demonstrate “art-in-use” and followed the thinking that functional objects should be beautiful […]

Dominic Stevens


To continue with the topic of architecture, here is one of my favorite houses. It is the home of architect Dominic Stevens from Dublin.  Two favorite subjects of mine are modernist design and self-sufficiency/ DIY.  This house demonstrates both.   Mr. Stevens talks about how he wants to have a home that requires an understanding of […]

We’re finally back from a wonderful vacation. It was great to have some time away and with friends and family. We went swimming a lot and really enjoyed the lakes around us.  Something I found of inspiration during our stay away was, in fact, a vacation rental in the UK.  It’s called The Dune House […]

scrap table


  We’re traveling again and, let me say, sitting on an airplane for 30 hours make one not want to do any more sitting for any reason (like updating a blog).   I’ve been looking at a lot of furniture lately and this is one particular piece that really caught my eye. The modernist shape […]

I forgot to put the link to the entire flickr set. It takes quite a while to really look at all of the photos (hence the months of perusing). So, here are a few more of my favorites and the link.