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I forgot to put the link to the entire flickr set. It takes quite a while to really look at all of the photos (hence the months of perusing). So, here are a few more of my favorites and the link. Advertisements

Over the last several months, I’ve been periodically looking at this beautiful collection of photographs from the Library of Congress.  I absolutely love tho colors in these not to mention the immensely interesting subject matter. As you know, color photographs from this era are very rare.  From the Library of Congress,  “These vivid color photos […]

I had the opportunity to attend the Hong Kong Art Fair last week.  It was great spending time around so much artwork. It’s impossible to avoid interesting conversations with that much catalyst around you. One of my favorite photographers was quite well represented there. Particularly his Theatre Series. So, here are some examples.  Below is […]

Now, for the red and gold series.

We just arrived back in Hong Kong from a couple weeks in Beijing. As you might know, the access to certain sites (or reliable internet) is often difficult in the mainland.  So, I’m now preparing a few updates to get back on schedule. To begin, here are a few pictures of Nanluoguxiang. An excerpt from […]

We just got back from Shanghai and I’m catching up on photos. Here are some of my favorites. Examples of intentional and unintentional mark-making. Shanghai is quite a city. It is sprawling and seems to have just about everything somewhere in it. Hong Kong claims the title of “Asia’s World City” but, I’d say Shanghai […]

We’re in Shanghai on holiday for the next few days. It’s a fun and vibrant city with lots of beautiful things to see.  I love wandering the streets gathering inspiration and seeing the world around me. Posts might be less frequent for a while. It just means I’m saving up for later.